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Kala Point from the Air

The Washington State Department of Ecology maintains a Costal Atlas with aerial photos of all of Washington's shorelines. We are showing Cape George from the air using these photos. Because 2006 is the latest year available for these photos, some empty lots now have new homes.

You can find a lot more shoreline photos at the Department of Ecology website.

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ka_aerial_01.jpg ka_aerial_02.jpg ka_aerial_03.jpg
ka_aerial_04.jpg ka_aerial_06.jpg ka_aerial_07.jpg
ka_aerial_08.jpg ka_aerial_09.jpg ka_aerial_10.jpg
ka_aerial_11.jpg ka_aerial_12.jpg ka_aerial_13.jpg
ka_aerial_14.jpg ka_aerial_15.jpg ka_aerial_16.jpg
ka_aerial_17.jpg ka_aerial_18.jpg ka_aerial_19.jpg